Our Philosophy

At the Yoga Project™ we believe that your biggest teacher is already within you. Our yoga is guru-less and we don't believe in the need for opinionated spiritual teachings. We teach the ancient practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness in a modern applicable way. Yoga postures teach us to observe, learn and awaken through embodiment.  We believe that every human on the planet is searching for ways to find relief from the demands, stresses and health implications of this busy, modern, digitally driven life.  Yoga Project teachers know that the most important element of any class is, teaching tools of awareness that are easily translatable and usable in every day life. We utilize intelligent sequencing, anatomy and breath focus as tools for cultivating mindfulness.  We aim to offer classes that are bio-mechanically balanced between strengthening and mobility. We don't think that yoga always has to be serious and believe that laughter and connectivity are some of the most potent healers on the planet.



Dave & Stacy Dockins are the creators of the Yoga Project ™ studios. They began practicing yoga 19 years ago and in 2005 opened the first Yoga Project studio location.  Together they own and direct all three YP studios and the YP Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats.

Stacy & Dave have been training teachers since 2005. Together, they first created the Texas Power Yoga Institute, then Stacy moved on to co-create Live Love Teach yoga teacher training school in 2008. Together Dave & Stacy then created Free Life People - school of yoga until 2018 when they simplified everything back to the original brand of Yoga Project.  Prior to all this, Stacy worked for Baptiste Power Yoga Institute where she was program director. The recently co-taught the online course, The Science & Practice of Yoga through edX.org where they had 18000 students from across the globe. 



Stacy Dockins - 500ERYT / Co-Founder of Yoga Project Studios

Stacy Dockins - 500ERYT / Co-Founder of Yoga Project Studios


Stacy began practicing yoga in 1997 and has passionately made it her life's work ever since. She is a life-time learner and researcher, especially in the areas of the human body, biomechanics, meditation and mindfulness. She is currently working on her first book, Embodied Posture: Yoga Alignment Studies for Student & Teacher. She loves teaching her weekly yoga & meditation classes along with mentoring yoga teachers from across the globe. Plants, nature, books, her 3 children Jake, Kera, Luke, husband Dave and her dog Buster are the main loves of her life. Stacy also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M University-class '94 and completed the pre-med track of courses in 2012 at University of Texas Arlington. 

Dave Dockins - Co-Founder of Yoga Project Studios / 500ERYT

Dave Dockins - Co-Founder of Yoga Project Studios / 500ERYT

About Dave

Dave worked in the food industry for over 15 years and then stepped away from it all in 2010 to focus all his energy on the Yoga Project.  Dave has been teaching yoga since 2005. He loves traveling, exploration and spending time with Stacy and their kids Jake, Kera and Luke.  Dave also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M University - class '94.  


Both Dave & Stacy teach classes daily at their three studio locations when not on the road with trainings. Dave’s classes are down to earth and playful. He is known for his laid back yet athletic style of teaching. Stacy embraces connection in her classes while being skilled at awakening curiosity and body awareness. She believes that teaching alignment is a form of teaching love and self-awareness. She is known for her dynamic classes and love of hands on teaching. Both Dave & Stacy hold the practice of presence and joy as the foundation of all of their classes. They strive to offer portable gifts that their students can take off the mat and into their lives. Their styles are constantly evolving as they continually grow, learn and ebb & flow with their own personal practices. 

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