A Letter from Dave & Stacy Dockins

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you and a heartfelt thank you for being such an integral part of our 2017 and our lives in general. As with every year, 2017 was filled with exciting, happy times along with uncertainty and challenge. As always, our practice is to embrace all things and trust that everything is part of the journey. 

We spent much of the year working on the online course, The Science & Practice of Yoga through edX.org. It was lots of fun working with our friends from Link Research Lab at UTA as well as sharing yoga with 18,000 people from across the globe. You get an entirely new understanding of the global perspective of yoga pretty quickly when studying with people from at least 125 countries. It was quite the learning experience for all of us. 

One of the tougher decisions we had to make this past year was to close the doors of our sweet Waxahachie studio. We met so many great people there and loved the studio but needed to streamline our efforts to where it made most sense. 

We courageously branched out on our own with our new yoga school, Free Life People, after being in a partnership for 6 years with our prior school. We held 5 successful trainings over the year between Thailand and Fort Worth and are really enjoying the freedom of creating according to our personal vision and passion with teacher training. Currently, we are getting ready to head to Bali for our 200 HR teacher training / retreat and we have a Costa Rica program planned for July. 

We are watching our kids enter into adulthood as our oldest 2, Jake & Kera, are now in college and living in Denton. Our youngest son, Luke, is graduating from high school this June. As many of you have experienced, this is quite a life-shifting time for parents. Stacy also began writing her first book this past September and is hoping to complete it by the Summer. It is an anatomy/alignment book for yoga students and teachers. She is busily working with her editor and illustrators to pull it all together.  

We've spent the past few months doing inquiry and reflection around where we are now and where we want to move towards for 2018. One thing that we became very clear on is that we have a desire to simplify. We love teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness at the studios as well as training teachers. What makes most sense to us is to clear away things that keep us a bit cluttered in order to focus more on what we love. Sort of like cleaning out the garage :) , but in our lives. The first step we are taking with our business is to put our yoga teacher training school and studios back under one umbrella. We will still be leading the same teacher training modules but no longer under the name, Free Life People. We also decided that it is the perfect time to create a new look for our logo / website that represents our desire for simplicity. Our aim was to create an intentional brand that represents our gifts and contribution through our work. (we dropped the "The" and are now Yoga Project) Check out our new website designed by Dave here. It has been a labor of love:


Part of our reflection / journaling for our business was to write a statement that incorporates the Be/Do/Have aspect of our work. So that you can see a little behind our thinking around all that we do with Yoga Project, here is that statement straight from our journal: 

"We teach modern day/practical applications of yoga, meditation and mindfulness to people of all levels. We honor ancient practices adapted by the lens of modern science. We teach a secular approach that applies to all of humanity.  

We teach intelligent movement so that our clients can find a physical balance between strength and flexibility that promotes structural longevity and wellness. We educate on skillful use of breath and attention focus in order to regulate stress response and overall physiological well-being. Our clients discover an increased quality of life, happiness and satisfaction as their understanding of mindfulness expands.

In order to stay excited and up-to-date about what we are teaching, we will continually nurture our own studentship. We will continue to study, research, practice and experiment. 

We will see, honor and connect with students as they are so that we can be most helpful. We will continue to honor common humanity; understanding that we are all more alike than we are different. We commit to using our own personal struggles on and off the mat to learn and discover how to best support others. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY: We commit to having fun and allowing love and joy to remain central to all that we do."

Here we go 2018! We are in this together.


Dave & Stacy Dockins