Moving Through Injury with Yoga

Have you ever experienced something like this? You’re enjoying life and then suddenly— you injure your wrist, shoulder, or lower back—and life becomes more difficult. Without a doubt, it’s going to limit you, and interfere with normal day to day stuff. Now what?

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Dave Dockins
Let Your Ribs be Your Guide!

One of the things I love most about focused, body alignment in yoga is that it requires so much of my attention.  It helps me make the shift from the busyness in my mind to the concrete grounding of my body. In my experience, landing in my physical body by noticing and feeling is one of the most potent ways to practice mindful awareness.  Sensations are always happening in the now. 

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Shoulders Rise!

As yoga teachers, sometimes we find ourselves saying things over and over that just flat out don’t make sense.  Typically what happens is that a cue might have some validity in certain poses within particular circumstances, but then it unknowingly gets taken way out of context. I admit that I have been totally guilty of this.  I used to feel horrible or embarrassed when I’d realize that what I’d been saying about X wasn’t quite right. Now I just take it as a sure sign that I am steadily investigating, learning and re-inventing. 

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