YP's Yoga teacher training reviews

Dave & Stacy Dockins - YP Facilitators & Owners. Together we have been training teachers since 2005.

Dave & Stacy Dockins - YP Facilitators & Owners. Together we have been training teachers since 2005.

Over the years we've evolved and changed teaching styles, school names and training locations.  One thing that has never changed is our love for learning and growth.  We've heard it said many times that "the best way to master or learn something is by teaching it."  Here we are, doing what we love, learning, teaching people and sharing all the tools needed to express one's personal passions.  There is no better way to express your passion than to simply be yourself.  We love helping people identify their strengths, build upon them and express them in their own personal way.  We also love hearing from our students who have attended our Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats and how their lives have changed.  Here's a few of the recent reviews we've received over the last year.


In September I traveled to Thailand with Yoga Project to begin an amazing transformative yoga journey! I completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training and am hopeful to attend more of YP’s courses in the future. Yoga Project - School of Yoga is notably remarkable because of Dave and Stacy Dockins’ love for yoga, their dedication to teaching, and their passion for connectivity. They offer a high-quality program focusing on anatomy, physiology, and meditation with repeated exposure to key concepts and ample opportunities for growth. Because Dave and Stacy have years of experience studying, practicing, and teaching thousands of students, they understand how individuals learn best and they use that knowledge to guide their trainings. Their classes are intimate and offer personalized instruction and supportive feedback. They are truly dedicated to their practice and their style completely resonated with me, both as a practitioner and future instructor.

I would highly recommend training with Dave and Stacy internationally. I was beyond impressed with the resort facilities, the food and general location. The format of the training was challenging yet inspiring! This journey allowed me to fully immerse myself into the program and the experience as a whole. There was time to debrief, complete assignments, practice teaching, and explore all aspects of yoga while enduring the beauty and culture of another part of the world with an amazing group of people, all hoping to accomplish similar goals. It was powerful and life-changing.

Leah O. LaCrosse, WI - 200Hr Certified Thailand 2017


Initially, I was reluctant to sign up for an 11 day training on 500Hr module anatomy and assisting. Having a master's degree in Physical therapy, I did not think it would be worth the investment to review things that I already knew. I went with my gut and my desire to learn more about how yoga works and went anyway. Thank goodness I did!

Stacy presented the material in such a way that made it all seem new to me. It finally connected the dots for me between my anatomy background and what I am seeing in my classes and how to teach to that. It took my mind from the clinic and the need to "fix" someone's alignment, to seeing how each body is different and how to teach each individual awareness of their own bodies in a more generalized way.

It was also so much more...It was an amazing 11 days of connection, of learning and growing from an amazing group of teachers. I learned more about myself, my perspective, and what I have to offer my students. I grew as a teacher, as a mother, as a wife, as a friend, all from the guidance of Dave and Stacy and their vision of Yoga Project - School of Yoga. It was a perfect fit for me and I look forward to finishing my 500 hours with them next year!

Melissa B. / AL - 500Hr Module 2016


The three weeks I spent in Thailand doing the YP 200-hr. RYT were amazing! I can't even begin to find words to describe how empowered I felt not only to teach yoga, but also to embrace my life with all that it brings. I have heard that many people who get certified come out of their training totally intimidated by the process and end up never even teaching. Stacy and Dave had us teaching bits and pieces from the first day, building our skills, knowledge, and confidence as we went along. When I got home, I couldn't wait to share what I had learned through teaching. Every aspect of their training far exceeded my expectations. They are the best of the best, and I hope to continue my studies with them in pursuit of a 500-hr. certification. If you are even remotely considering teacher training, please contact them.

Marie G. / TX - 200Hr Certified Thailand 2017


Just finished YP's training and Stacy and Dave Dockins do an amazing job and far exceeded my expectations for teacher training! They do a wonderful giving trainees relevant teaching experience, very much give the skills to teach to the breathe, and provide a fruitful learning environment! Beyond learning to teach, the training was a life changing experience that challenged me physically and mentally that allowed me to grow in ways I never imagined! Thank You Yoga Project!!!

Ben M. / OH - 200Hr Certified Ohio 2017


Where could one begin to describe the boundless good energy within Stacy and Dave... 
I met these guys across the globe for one of their international 200hr teacher trainings, and I will never be the same.  Life made it clear I needed to meet these Free Life People...... despite my feelings of "not being yogi enough, not good enough" and it was the most earthy strong experience one could ever have.  Stacy Dockins is a strong glowing woman who speaks Truth, Life and Love into all she does. She is backed up brilliantly by the joyful Dave Dockins who brings peace and calm to the heart.  With sprinkling of science....a reverence for the ancient and a power for now.... they allowed yoga to be so real, so personal and so powerful on every challenging turn.

They have a gift into finding the yoga of today the now stuff...the cutting edge. Quite exciting.  So....Stacy and Dave gave yoga to me.  They said I could have it.  Nurture it and own it... And....now, by way of accepting this powerful gift I can share it with my community in the Hunter valley of Australia.  These guys are bundles of energy joy and realness...and I feel to say true friends.  The number one thing I learned was to nurture the gift of REAL pure me...and then allow that to connect with others and share. Thank you so much Dave and Stacey for just being you.....

Caroline K. / Australia - 200Hr Certified Thailand 2017


I just finished my 200 hour training and loved every minute of it! I loved how Stacy and Dave had us teach day one, thus day by day gaining the confidence to speak in public. Not only did I learn how to teach a yoga class effectively but the study of mindfulness has changed the way I live my life. They have a unique talent for teaching and bringing out the best in every student! I am so happy I met them and I'm sure I will continue my additional education through them. Stacy offers free awesome podcast that inspire me every time I listen! I am very thankful!

Patty K. / OH - 200Hr Certified Ohio 2017


Yoga Project teacher trainings inspire and bring out the best in all teachers. I love that each 300hr module offers a balance of relevant practice teaching and in-depth discussions and interactions with all of the teachers in the training.  Because of Stacy and Dave's genuine love of teaching and helping others you can't help but grow in your own teaching and in life! I am grateful for all that I have learned and I would recommend these trainings.

Julie H. / WI - 500Hr Certified 2017


I completed my 200 hours with Yoga Project this past Saturday. This was the most rewarding experience of my life! It was so eye opening to learn more about alignments, meditation, and myself. Also, the people I met will be my friends forever. If you are considering becoming a yoga teacher, I would highly recommend Yoga Project.

Tony Y. / OH - 200Hr Certified Ohio 2017


I've learned so much through my trainings with Stacy Dockins. I thought I had an understanding of what yoga was but it didn't really become clear to me until I started learning from Stacy. I'm so grateful for the accessible, simple way that the material is taught. Now that I understand breath and mindfulness so much more, I can easily share it with others to help them learn. I've completed my 500 hour training with them and would highly recommend it to others.

Jen W., PA - 500Hr Certified 2017


I attended the Yoga Project training in Thailand and I have to say when people ask me how my trip was and if Thailand was amazing the answer is always yes, but the best part wasn't Thailand or the beautiful resort we were at it was Stacy & Dave's teaching during this training. I went in with questions about whether I was ready to become a yoga instructor and they led in their teaching and brought out in me passions and confidence and strength that was there all along, but had been forgotten about. I was always so rejuvenated after our almost 10 hr long days in training. Woke up excited for the next day and excited to teach again. I feel confident to teach a class and even more confident in my ability to connect with students in a meaningful way. Stacy & Dave's lights shine so brightly and their School truly brings out and makes space the lights in their students to shine as well. Namaste all around! If you have ever even considered teacher training or are going back for your 500 hr I would highly recommend attending Yoga Project - School of Yoga.

Noelle F. / TX - 200Hr Certified Thailand 2017


Yoga Project is the school I have been looking for. The integrity, knowledge and overall programming is world-class. You will learn so much and at the same time you will feel supported and encouraged to develop the best way to teach and live for you. Anyone that finds themselves at one of their trainings has hit the jackpot.

Jennifer G. / AL 500Hr Certified 2017


The training at YP was more than I could have asked for. Stacy is amazing with her depth of knowledge about anatomy, yoga and teaching. I walked away feeling more confident in my ability as a teacher to support my students. The entire experience from the food to the people and all the yoga in between was nourishing for my soul. Thank you Stacy and Dave!

Lisa T. / NJ - 500Hr Certified 2016


I cannot possibly find all the right words to correctly express how amazing the "Joy of Connection" weekend training was. I recommend YP School of Yoga to anyone who is a current teacher, an aspiring teacher, or someone who is working on personal discovery and development.

Joyce A. / OH 200Hr Certified 2016