Had the best practice today with Jenny!! She was very helpful for this beginner! I love The Yoga Project and getting a membership was the best decision I’ve made! See ya’ll tomorrow!
— Miranda


We have 3 Yoga Project locations serving Fort Worth, Arlington & Mansfield, TX.  Regardless of where you attend class you'll find the same great classes, instructors and inviting vibe! All class purchases, blocks of classes or packages and memberships work at all studio locations. 

FAQ & What to expect

Are you new to yoga?  No worries we have you covered with lots of information and also lots of support.  Know that we have beginners starting everyday and we love working with them!  Our instructors are specifically trained to help new students find a practice that works. Our "Beginner Info" page has all the answers.



Every day the Yoga Project studios have students attending their very first yoga class.  Our YP Instructors love this because they’re experts at teaching to students who are new to yoga.  At the Yoga Project we take pride in teaching beginners the practice of yoga in a way that will make you successful at learning the postures and what yoga can offer.  We want this to be a lifelong practice for you not just a once tried workout.  Students attending YP classes range in age from the teens to 70's and often these same students are in the same class.

Like most people, beginner yoga students want to know the basics and foundations of yoga.  Our “Foundation Yoga Class” is a “Beginner Yoga Class” and we welcome you to attend it like a workshop where you’re able to ask questions throughout.  This can be very beneficial for all students in the class.  Often you won’t have questions until you actually start doing the postures and feel from the inside.  As a yoga instructor we can only describe to you what you should feel.  It’s always up to the students to learn how to feel from within themselves rather than looking for approval from the outside.  

The very best time to start a yoga practice is exactly where you are now.  Acknowledge that you are a beginner and embrace it.  Love it.  Expect to not have all the postures and stamina achieved by your first few classes.  We often hear "I tried yoga once but I just couldn't do it.  I'm not flexible enough to take those classes."  This is a major misconception.  This practice is about bringing your body, mind and spirit back into balance.  We believe that a combination of strength and flexibility is a balanced body.  Too much flexibility leads to weakness and eventually injury.  Too much tightness / strength and the body can fall out of alignment.  It's natural to like doing things that we're good at but it takes mental toughness to be a true beginner and be ok with it.  It's kind of like learning to walk again and being ok with not doing it perfectly.  Every time you attend class you will learn.  Your body will learn and you will get better, stronger and more flexible.  

Below you will find several informational yoga videos that we filmed in 2017 for a worldwide held course called Yoga MOOC / Being Well In the Digital Age: The Science and Practice of Yoga.  Stacy & Dave Dockins produced this EdEx.org program in conjunction with UTA's Link Research Lab.  These informational videos feature Stacy and Dave offering basic foundational instruction for navigating yoga pose alignment and a general yoga practice.

Stacy Dockins leads a session on yoga props for Being Well in a Digital Age: The Science and Practice of Yoga.
Stacy Dockins leads a session on the warrior 1, warrior 2, and side angle poses for Being Well in a Digital Age: The Science and Practice of Yoga.
Stacy Dockins leads a 10 minute mini slow practice for Being Well in a Digital Age: The Science and Practice of Yoga.
Stacy Dockins leads a session on pose of the child, downward dog, rag doll, and mountain pose for Being Well in a Digital Age: The Science and Practice of Yoga.
It was my first time to do hot yoga! I loved it! I was even able to get my husband to go with me for the first time ever! I loved the instructor and being able to look out onto the Trinity River! I like all that it has to offer!
— Amanda


  1. Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early. We never turn anyone away but it will be less stressful for you to arrive and not feel rushed.

  2. Check in at the desk by giving your name. If you've pre-registered online you'll just tell us your name and the instructor will take care of you from there. If you did not register online then you'll need to complete a form at the desk so we can get you registered in the class.

  3. Make sure you have water, a mat, towel, block and strap. We will provide everything you need on your first visit to our studios. After your first class you are welcome to rent towels and mats. Blocks and straps are always available in the studio.

  4. Find your place in the middle of the room. If you're new to yoga it's natural to want to get in the very back and kind of hide but the reality is the middle is the best spot in the room for you. Being situated in the middle you'll be able to see everyone around you and you'll be able to follow along a little easier. The instructor will detail postures but you'll be able to see from mat to mat a general alignment to follow.

  5. The instructor will know you are new to yoga and offer adjustments and general help that work for you in the moment. Feel free to ask questions when the instructor is near you if you need. They're usually able to see if you're not understanding the posture as it's called.

  6. Pace yourself. Don't feel like you have to do everything. The room heat can add a lot of intensity if you're not use to it. Feel free to sit down and skip a segments when ever you like. Its very rare that someone brand new to yoga can keep up with the class, so go easy and allow for time to adjust. The intensity during classes goes down about 3/4 of the way through, so you will get a slower, relaxing ending.

  7. When class is over you can drop your cold towel in the laundry hamper by the door.

  8. When you leave class make sure you have everything you brought. We have a large collection of clothes, shoes, mats, sun glasses and even jewelry. Yoga practice can leave you feeling very relaxed.

  9. Make sure you rehydrate soon after class and then enjoy your good night of sleep.

  10. Come back and take another class before too much time goes by. 3 classes a week usually will put students on the path to wellness. 5 classes a week will drastically put you on the road to wellbeing. We want you to find balance in your life. We want you to find strength, flexibility, mental clarity, control of stress, grounded confident knowing that everything is going your way in life.