500hr Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

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300Hr Master Training Curriculum for 500Hr Certification in Fort Worth

 500Hr Certification

500Hr Certification

Our 300 HR Master Training is for any teacher who currently holds
a 200 HR certification. This 200 HR can be from any tradition or school. These additional hours of training qualify you to be a 500HR RYT Certification. The three modules can be taken in any order. They are each 8 days long. This program is designed to expand your confidence, ease and clarity with sharing transformational yoga. Our Fort Worth yoga teacher program has the central focus of understanding the inter-play between structure and function in the human body and mind as it pertains to yoga and mindfulness practices. We believe that the ability to share this with your students is the mark of a master teacher.

Anatomy & Physiology

The structure and function of the human body in yoga

In this course you will gain a very strong working knowledge of human anatomy & physiology as it relates to the yoga posture and practice. We will dissect the current modality of “text-book” postural alignment teaching and compare/contrast it with modern exercise science, anatomy & kinesiological considerations. Most importantly you will learn how to use your knowledge of the body to support your students into concrete body awareness and presence. We will teach you how to speak with relevance and in a way that creates an immediate palpable experience in your student’s bodies.

We will study the physiological responses to yoga & mindfulness. We will take a look at the function of the many body systems and how they are affected by yoga. We will most importantly study how you can apply this knowledge in your teaching in order to support powerful transformation in your students.

We Will Utilize:

  • Discussion
  • Journaling
  • Group Exercise
  • Demonstration
  • Director-led Asana Practice
  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Practice Teaching

  • Practice Hands on Teaching

Some of the Topics of Study:

  • Skeletal Anatomy

  • Muscular Anatomy

  • The Fascia Body

  • The Spine

  • The Hip

  • The Knee

  • The Shoulder

  • The Inner Body: Heart, Lungs & Organs of Digestion

  • Anatomical Directions of Motion

  • Skeletal Deviation and Limitation in Posture

  • The Anatomy of Common Injury

  • Using the body as a tool for presence

  • The Stress Response

  • The Physiology of Presence

  • The Brain on Yoga

  • The Science of Breath

  • The Physiology of Twists & Folds

  • The Lymphatic System & it’s Response to Yoga

  • The Digestive Organs in Yoga Posture

  • Sympathetic / Parasympathetic---which are we invoking?

  • Cardiovascular Response to Yoga

  • The Chakras / Meridians / The Nervous System

  • The Endocrine Balancing Act

  • Nutrition & it’s relationship to the Stress Response

  • The Cortisol Cascade

  • Nutrition & it’s relationship to structure/function

  • Nutrition’s relationship to common injury


Create & Design

Body Movement, Intelligent Sequencing & Class Structure

In this course you will gain a stronger understanding of the human body in motion. You will learn the many considerations, limitations and implications of different types of movement. We will teach you many different ways of invoking curiosity and exploration within your class as a means to promote presence. You will gain skills needed to create variations off of a standard vinyasa class sequence. We will discuss the benefits of creative sequencing as it supports strong moments of awareness in our students. We will study different teaching formats such as private lessons, workshops and specifically themed classes like yin & slow flow.

We will utilize:

  • Discussion

  • Journaling

  • Group Exercise

  • Demonstration

  • Director-led Asana Practice

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Practice Teaching

  • Practice Hands on Teaching

Some of the Topics of Study:

  • Vinyasa—the body in motion

  • Moving with awareness

  • Wiring in different use of range of motion

  • Variations in vinyasa

  • A new look at sun salutations

  • Posture variation

  • Varying modalities of teaching breath

  • Spontaneous creativity from presence

  • Many methods of teaching mindfulness in yoga

  • Alignment focus theming

  • Slow flow structure

  • Yin

  • Creative teaching with blocks & straps

  • Concrete body/breath Awareness—keeping this as your focus

  • Teaching private lessons

  • Workshop design & presentation


Cultivating Your Craft

The power of standing and teaching from presence

All of the Yoga Project trainings revolve around teaching presence. This training takes this a step further and invites you into embracing the truth that arises from the present moment. How do you access just the right words at just the right time? How do you access clear expression? Can you articulate your own experience in a way that is meaningful to your class? These are often the hallmarks of a master teacher and in this course you will gain the answers to these questions and many more.

We will utilize:

  • Discussion

  • Journaling

  • Group Exercise

  • Demonstration

  • Director-led Asana Practice

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Practice Teaching

Some of the Topics of Study

  • What arises from presence?

  • Who is the highest form of YOU?

  • Fine-tuning your instrument

  • Confident body expression

  • Finding your voice

  • Getting clear on your own yoga journey

  • The power of clear articulation of your own experience

  • Mindfulness Meditation—on and off the mat

  • Staying true to your passion

  • Continued self-study & practice

  • Following the evolution of your teaching

  • Embodying presence on and off the mat

  • Always a student

  • Leadership

This program involves 7 days of self-study and inquiry to help you excavate your own unique purpose and path as a teacher. We will help you get very clear on what resonates with you most within yoga and how to evolve this into your own teaching style.

We will use proven practices of mindfulness and meditation throughout this process, helping you to get even more clear on how to most affectively share this with your students. We will guide you through an inquiry and journaling process that makes it easy for you to share your own personal experiences with yoga and mindfulness in articulate theming of your classes.

You will learn how to prepare for your classes while staying relevant and present at the same time.

Get ready for a week of diving in deep with asana, pranayama, meditation, inquiry and discussion at our yoga center in Fort Worth.


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